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Molly Quinn Fans
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Molly Quinn Fans.
Welcome to mollyquinnfans, your first and most updated LJ community about the rising star. Molly is best known for her role as Alexis Castle on the hit ABC show Castle.

Please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to contact your mods kim_vz and annaxbanana.

Community rules.
- We are a fan community dedicated to the lovely Molly Quinn, so obviously bashing her is in no way allowed. Also respect your fellow members and their opinions.
- You're more than welcome to post pictures, news, videos, icons and more here yourself.
- Please put spoilers, large pictures or explicit material under an LJ cut and with a warning.
- When posting, don't forget to tag your post correctly with the existing tags.
- Don't be afraid to comment, you might make some friends here.
- Please keep all posts Molly related.
- If you want to affiliate with Molly Quinn Fans or promote your community, please check with your mods first.

Sister website: Molly Quinn Central
Molly's Twitter: MollyQuinn93
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